The Passover Lamb

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Passover LambYesterday was Lamb Selection Sunday, when traditionally, the Passover lamb was selected by a family to celebrate the passing over of the angel of death during the Exodus from Egypt.  As our church was celebrating yesterday, our primary focus was on the way that Jesus selected himself as the Passover lamb to be sacrificed for the salvation of all people.  Christ chose to die for us, so that the wrath of the Almighty would pass over our hearts just as his angel passed over the Hebrew people wile in Egypt. I was astounded by the correlation between these two stories, and the way God foreshadowed the death of his son. 

The lamb that was to be selected was perfect.
-Jesus was perfect.

The lamb was to be slain the following Friday.
-Jesus was crucified on Friday.

The Lambs blood was spread over the doorway.
-Jesus’ blood covers the “doorway” of the body (Heart).

The wrath of God (in the Exodus passage) resulted in the death of the first-born.
-Jesus was the first-born, and bore the wrath of God for us.

Jesus died so that we could be saved from wrath, but he made the determination to do so from the foundation of the world.  We see reference to Jesus throughout the Old Testament, and can notice that the story of Jesus’ sacrifice is foreshadowed or depicted in every story.  It is possible to find references to either Jesus’ impending sacrifice, or the human need for a savior, in every story, and character of the bible. 

In my book Checklist Jesus, I noted several passages and stories that help the reader to see how God has been interested in building relationship with humans since the beginning of time.  It so important for us to remember that, for us to be able to be with God forever in fellowship with Him, we must be provided an adequate sacrifice for the sins we have already committed, and a purification for the wickedness that invades our lives.  That purification can only come from the spotless lamb that was slain for the salvation of the world.  Jesus Christ is the only way that we can know the glory of our Father, in the fullness of who He truly is.  We must be made right with God before we can have fellowship and relationship with him. 

To be made right, would mean that the justice and wrath of God has passed over our hearts because of the blood of the Passover lamb.  Only then are we allowed into the presence of the almighty.    

Remember the Passover lamb today. 

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  1. Amen for our salvation was so expensive the work of Christ and his mighty victorious speak even today in victory and peace over us by love of God in blessing and in saving and heal the people in grace thanks and bless,keijo sweden

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