Month: September 2011

Getting Motivated

I have found it hard, over the past few weeks or months, to get myself motivated to do things that I love to do.  That may seem odd that I reference things that I ‘love,’ but i mean that I love them when I actually DO them.  Starting the projects is the issue; not enjoying the process or finishing them.

Motivation to begin has been the issue…

I have started setting alarms for myself to start different projects…this helps so long as I don’t ‘snooze’ the project alltogether.

Maybe I’ll get better. 


There is a huge difference between hoping for the Lord’s Best and coveting a future possession.  I am interested in seeking the best that the Lord has to offer both Krystle and Me.  This is a new idea for me because I am a planner.  I love to plan and execute that plan; but I need to learn how to wait on the Lord’s direction and follow immediately after I hear Him speak. 

Hoping that my discision will be made a natural part of my opperation.