Ministry Partners

Recognizing the value of those with whom you serve is a valuable part of any individual ministry.  I have come to realize that without mentors, partners, and disciples, I have no ability to serve.  I need to be sharpened, and I need to sharpen others. Without this kind of interaction, our focus becomes self-centered, and our ministry weakens.

Here are a few of my ministry partners.  If you can support them, please do so.

Texas Girls & Boys Ranch: Foster and adoption services in Lubbock Texas and surrounding areas.

We have opportunities to serve and to be served all around us.  It is imperative that we recognize the value of partnership along the way.  So often in the new testament church, we see the followers of Jesus partnering for mission journeys, founding churches, and simply walking through the everyday stuff we call life.  I believe, and I don’t think I’m alone in this, that we often struggle with loneliness because we fail to recognize the fellow men and women of God that surround us every day.  We must tear down the shackles of denomination, the constraints of worldly segregation and begin to commit ourselves to the Kingdom of God, instead of the kingdom of us.

Commit yourselves to pray for your own partners in ministry, and share opportunities for others to serve each other.  We each have gifts that can support our neighbors, and we need to be generous with these gifts.  Our hope is, and must always be, for the glory of the Lord to be made evident around us, and for the gospel of Jesus Christ to be made clear to all people.  If we can partner in this mission, what difference do other factors actually make?