Month: July 2014


Worry seems to be a major issue for so many, and the reason why evades many who suffer most.  Worry is the state of conscious, and consistent fear of the future.  Spiritually, it is the declaration that God is not big enough to handle the things that may arise in our future.  Worry is the […]

What do I do when I fail?

What should I do when I fail in my pursuit of God? Recently I have had several students, and adults express to me their frustration when they make decisions to follow God more closely, or even for the first time, and they fail to fulfill their commitment.  These people have expressed feelings from unworthiness, to […]

Why the Body?

I recently heard some great teaching about the Body of Christ by Scott Venable of Mosaic Church in Chicago, IL.  The primary focus of the sermons that I heard was something else entirely, but the fascinating thing is, the Lord can reveal His message to you, when you are open to hearing it.  Recently, I […]

Freedom is an Open Door

At what point does freedom stop being freedom? I have read more commentary about Hobby Lobby and the Supreme Court than I can adequately site, but have noticed one predominating opinion emanating from the part of the bloggers and pundits.  There seems to be a misunderstanding about freedom.  I have heard people say that, “This […]