Freedom is an Open Door

Posted on: July 1, 2014, by :

At what point does freedom stop being freedom?

I have read more commentary about Hobby Lobby and the Supreme Court than I can adequately site, but have noticed one predominating opinion emanating from the part of the bloggers and pundits.  There seems to be a misunderstanding about freedom.  I have heard people say that, “This is a religious freedom that was undermined.” Or even heard others say, “To remove Hobby Lobby’s responsibility to pay for contraception robs women of their liberty to choose their own birth control.” But I think this is all an oversight to the truth.

My freedom does not, in any way, adjust your freedom, but to pin a restriction on any person, is to invade their free space.  Freedom is what allows us to share in open discourse about public matters, to share in religious expression, and to assemble with others peacefully.  I am free to carry a weapon on my person, and am not forced to house the military in my home without my permission (though I’d be happy to entertain members of our military in our home at any time), and I am free to purchase and maintain my own property. 

My freedom is the open door that is in front of me. 

I am free, until another person, or persons oppresses my freedom…but wait! I am still free!!! 

When someone tells me not to worship, I am free to worship.
When someone tells me not to speak my mind, I am free to speak my mind.
When someone tells me not to carry a gun, I am free to bear arms.
When someone tells me not to assemble peacefully, I am free to assemble peacefully.
When someone tells me that I cannot purchase a product with my current insurance plan, I am still free to work, make money, and spend that money on the product I want to purchase. 

Freedom is an open door.  As Americans, we have only the choice to walk through it.