Month: June 2011

Proverbs 12:4 An excellent wife is the crown of her husband…(pt. 4)

There is no one that has experienced the past few months quite like my wife Krystle.  Though many spouses express that an illness of their husband or wife is more difficult than they had imagined, Krystle experienced this illness in a far more palpable way than most.  Krystle, going through nursing school this entire time, […]

Specialist (pt. 3)

Specialists, for whatever reason, are notorious for being fully booked and hard to see.  That being said, you can understand why I didn’t see a specialist until March.  It was ok though; we had a revival at my church at the end of January, a full February, and an equally full March.  The meeting with […]

A Little Background (pt. 2)

In October of last year, I was singing in a choir rehearsal for our Christmas Cantata at church and noticed an enlarged lymph node on my throat.  I had been feeling a little run down so I simply chalked it up to an oncoming cold or upper respiratory infection and gave it little concern.  After […]

Crippled on the Sofa (pt. 1)

For the past couple of weeks I have been recovering from a surgery and have been out of Internet reception (didn’t know that happened much in 2011 but it does).  My surgery was to remove a tumor on my thyroid as well as to remove a problematic lymph node.  Though I hadn’t quite noticed many […]