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Checklist Jesus

For most of my Christian life, I’ve struggled to recognize the difference between pure relationship with Jesus, and the religious lists of dos and don’ts that corrupt our walk with worldly idols.

Written for anyone who is developing their relationship with Jesus, Checklist Jesus is a great way to engage the earthly practices described and prescribed in scripture, while staying focused on Jesus!

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Breaking Through the Clouds

The struggle of losing a child is indescribable.  The pain, shame, guilt, and regret is something that can only be fully comprehended by others who have experienced similar loss.

Dannie Gregg knows this kind of grief all too well, and shares her journey of joy and pain in Breaking Through the Clouds.  No story fully expresses the emotions involved in loss, but this book contains a raw emotion that is sure to draw you in, and wont let you go until you see the light at the end.

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