Month: September 2010

National Youth Workers Convention

National Youth Workers Convention in San Diego, CA this weekend is going to be a blast.  I’m mostly excited because of the brothers that will be going with me.  I enjoy so much the friendships that are created through the ministries that we all share, and even enjoy being ganged-up on during our frequent theological […]

Home is Where the Heart Rests.

If home is truly where the heart finds its rest, what must we believe about the restless heart that beats inside of us?  Our being begs to be somewhere else, and our heart beats fast within us at the proposition of flight.  We beg to be somewhere, anywhere else; only to find that this earthly […]

Useless Faith

The sharpness of an individual is based on his or her knowledge of the scriptures and there applicability to life’s struggles.  But can a person apply scripture to life without being aware of life’s struggles?  Does a tool or instrument of the Lord need to have experienced the world in order that it be able […]


Is it our intent that others come to know the Lord?  Do we design our day to allow for, if not create, opportunities to present the gospel, that others might believe?  Do we do more than simply avoid curse words and the smoking section? My good friend Dusty Ledbetter and I had a conversation yesterday […]

The Tree Bears Fruit

Scripture tells us a story about Jesus’ reaction to a tree that didn’t bear fruit.  It has always seemed to me that the tree got some harsh treatment from Jesus, but after some consideration, the actions of Jesus were perfect. The creator, Jesus, designed the tree to bear fruit.  It failed to do so.  Therefore […]

Taking a step with your FOOT!

The first step is always hard, and it is believed to get easier after that.  That being said, I think a great deal of the time I try to take the firs few steps in my head so that I don’t get dirty if this thing is not going to fly.  But that isn’t what […]

Summer Shay

I have a new niece as of today.  Her name is Summer Shay she is said to be as healthy as possible.  Even in the excitement of the day and the realization of new life,  I am burdened for this young life to come to know Christ.  I spoke about this burden to some in […]


A good friend of mine and I have were discussing the idea of vision.  When we look around us we see the world at work.  We see stuff… But should we be seeing more?  I think that when the scriptures say that we should, “work out your faith with fear and trembling” it is referring […]

Leadership 2

Leadership requires relationship, not mere commonality.  A leader must understand that the in order to focus on the future of the group, he must be willing to create long-standing and unshakable ties within his group.  Without such ties, the group will begin to splinter and fall behind.  Without a group that is focused both inward […]


Leaders see the value of investing in the future, while others live in the glory of the moment.  Making reference to the future is a great way to ensure that people who follow you know that they are on a journey.  Also, being able to achieve short-term goals between here and there helps to keep […]