The Tree Bears Fruit

Posted on: September 15, 2010, by :

Scripture tells us a story about Jesus’ reaction to a tree that didn’t bear fruit.  It has always seemed to me that the tree got some harsh treatment from Jesus, but after some consideration, the actions of Jesus were perfect.

The creator, Jesus, designed the tree to bear fruit.  It failed to do so.  Therefore the proper response from the creator is to cut it down and throw it into the fire.  But why? 

The tree found its way into the fire because it failed to obey the commandment of the LORD and attempted to become like God by creating its own commands.  In much the same way, we are like the tree.  We become discontent with the commands of God and attempt to improve on His will and way.  When we do this, we speak as though we were the Morning Star and our pride clouds our eyes.  We approach the throne of the Almighty with covetousness in our hearts instead of fear and trembling.  We have believed that equality with God is something that we can attain.  The proper response from the LORD is to cut us down, and throw us into the fire

We were created in the Image of God not gods ourselves

The tree bears fruit…that is all…we were meant to bear fruit in the image of Him. We don’t because we want to be God. To lose that desire and replace it with a desire to be EXACTLY what he wants of us will cause us to bear fruit once again.

The tree that bears fruit is pruned; the one that doesn’t is cut down and thrown into the fire