Month: November 2013


As I think about what it means to be grateful, I am reminded of how much I look past what I have, and tend to dwell on the things that are yet to come. If I only see what might be, I may miss a great blessing that is only available today.
I am committing myself to focus on the blessing of today. I am going to try to focus on the blessing of each day, without becoming shortsighted. This may be hard, but I think I will try to so this until the end of 2013. Maybe by then I can develop a new state if mind that makes focusing on my current blessing more natural for me.
I have so much to be thankful for, I’d hate to miss out.


There is a hymn that, to my knowledge, I have never sung, but is entitled Thanksgiving/Thanks-living.  It has caught my attention on many occasions because of the quirky nature of the title.  I have red through the lyrics a couple of times, and am impressed by the last line of each verse.

“All the words of our thanksgiving fail to say what we can show by our thanks-living.” 

I wonder if I’m the kind of person who appears “thankful” to those around me; or am I one of those who seems as though they can never be satisfied?


While I was feeding my son this morning, I had to heat a little more formula (because he’s a growing boy…wonder where he gets that).  In the mean time, my son started to suck on his hand.  When the formula was ready, I had a hard time getting him to move his hand and start on the bottle.  I was a little frustrated because I couldn’t understand why he would trade something that wouldn’t satisfy his hunger for something that would.  Both were available, he only had to let go of what he had, for what was infinitely better.  I know it sounds like a cheesy transition, but I was struck by the spiritual application of the same process.  I wonder how many times I’ve held on to something that would never satisfy, when the Lord had something satisfying waiting on me.  

It seems simple, even a little too simple, but I think it is the very thing that I have missed on so many occasions.  I’m not sure even how to correct this, other than to simply be more attentive to the voice of God, and walk more closely with him, so that I don’t miss one of these blessings again. 

At times, I’ve viewed the will of God as “icing on the cake,” rather than the air I need to survive.  I need to be more desperate for the Lord’s provision, and I need to stop trying to satisfy my own hunger…

I pray that the Lord will open your eyes to the ways He has provided for you.