Month: February 2011

Soften My Heart

Oh Lord, soften my heart that I might see your face and know the joy of falling at your feet.  Make me aware of the glory that is your son and the radiant love that he showers on each of your children.  Lord make me know the tenderness of a relationship with you that exists […]

Soften Other’s Heart

It is a troubling situation at best when a person you know professes to be in a relationship with Christ, yet continues to harbour a hard heart toward someone or something.  Hardness of heart is not just a situation that occurs within our own heart, but also happens with in the hearts of those around […]

Soften Your Heart

A hardened heart is the most difficult thing work with in the church.  It really doesn’t matter whether the person is an active part of church work, or if they want nothing to do with you or the message you speak.  Hardness is a difficult and unfruitful condition of individuals who are not in a […]


In such a stark contrast as my mind can imagine, the earth has turned white. Silvery white blankets cover the old and prepare for the new…we must not be afraid of one thing passing to another, nor the movement of people in and out of our lives. Ends make way for beginnings… ´╗┐For a long […]