Soften My Heart

Posted on: February 17, 2011, by :

Oh Lord, soften my heart that I might see your face and know the joy of falling at your feet.  Make me aware of the glory that is your son and the radiant love that he showers on each of your children.  Lord make me know the tenderness of a relationship with you that exists only to give you glory and reverence and praise!

1 thought on “Soften My Heart

  1. I am continuously impressed with the way that my heart hardens toward one particular person or another. I will be working with an individual or a group and feel as though I am open to the great possibilities of ministry until a particular person enters the scenario…then all seems to be lost.
    Immediately I can feel my heart grow cold to the things that are good as I focus negative attention on this person, and the possibility of me doing anything good for the kingdom begins to fade quickly.
    I must begin to notice these moments and actively object to them by loving these individuals. Not hoping that they will change, simply believing that the Lord loves them and attempting to reflect that love without flaw.

    Lord make my heart soft for people toward whom you are affectionate.

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