Month: August 2010

No Excuses

I was teaching this morning about Micah 6:8 and it’s stance on doing the right thing.  I had a student in my class ask, “Yea, but what if it isn’t our fault?”   A little taken aback, I asked, “How could it not be your fault? You either do what you should or you don’t.”

She began to tell me about her parents and how they were and aren’t good role models.  She began to justify her actions based on the actions of her parents.  She attempted to illustrate that the reason she fails to do what she knows to be right is that her parents don’t to them either. 

My response is simple.

Bad examples from parents and others could be a reason for your actions, but it will never be an excuse.  You may live your whole life in denial of this truth, but you will never escape it.


I heard a song by the pop artist Pink entitled Glitter in the Air.  One of the lines says, “Have you ever hatted yourself for staring at the phone? Your whole life waiting on the ring to prove your not alone.”  Using the world around us to indicate our own value will only work when we poses something that the world wants.  When that resource has been exhausted, our value will also be exhausted.  it makes no difference what we feel when the world makes the discussion on our worth. 

Make your value, your value…dicide for yourself what it is that makes you valuable, and never forget it.

Good Friends

Good friends are hard to find.  Once you have them you never have to work to keep them, and they never have to work to keep you.  I was told once, by a wise man, that I would count myself lucky to have one or two true friends in my life.  If that is so, I am one of the luckiest men the world has ever seen.  Thank you Rick, Dusty and Jerry for always being there for me; you make it easy to be there for you.

Redemption vs. Rehabilitation

There is a drastic difference between redemption and rehabilitation.  I have only noticed this difference since I have been rehabilitating my knee after Friday’s surgery.  Rehabilitation is the process of stretching and restrengthening the effected limb until it meets the minimum requirement for service for the body.  However, Redemption is the instantaneous moment when something that is worthless and vile becomes radiantly beautiful and valuable once again. 

Far too often, the church expects it’s programs to rehabilitate the lost into service, or reinstate former followers to their previous office, rather than allowing our Christ to redeem these people to his good pleasure. 

We will never be able to provide the lost and hurting people of this world the one thing that they so desperately need, value.  No matter how hard we work to rehabilitate ourselves, we will never overcome the wounds that have enslaved us…it is only through the wounds of our Saviour that we will find value, as heirs to His throne.

The Future is Always at Hand

I had a conversation with my wife last night about what our future might hold.  The idea that we might be able to plan what we will be doing even a year from now is foolish.  What is far more important is that we must be willing to take every moment and make it matter.  Making each of us far more invested in every day, we must begin to realize that each day, even if it is supposed to be our day off, must be invested to make the next more profitable for the Kingdom. 

Surgery is OVER!

I had knee surgery yesterday and am only now able to write about it.   I am so thankful for the Lords provision and how he makes a way where there seems to be no way.  A great deal of thanks goes out to Dr. Clifford Deprang from Abilene, TX and his entire team that helped me during this journey. 

My Lord is great and worthy of praise…May the spirit give me clarity of thought, and boldness of heart so that I might praise him in a way worthy of His great name!

Home and Rest

It is amazing how long it takes to get over a week away.  We sleep and try to get back our energy, and we remains about what the Lord has done.  Maybe it is good that it takes us a while to get better.  We need to be able to process what all has gone on. 

I wonder if we get into trouble when we don’t allow ourselves to be fully healed by the Lord’s hand.  When we rush back into our jobs and lives after such an amazing thing like missions.


God give me rest, and make each of our team ready for what you have in store.