Redemption vs. Rehabilitation

Posted on: August 10, 2010, by :

There is a drastic difference between redemption and rehabilitation.  I have only noticed this difference since I have been rehabilitating my knee after Friday’s surgery.  Rehabilitation is the process of stretching and restrengthening the effected limb until it meets the minimum requirement for service for the body.  However, Redemption is the instantaneous moment when something that is worthless and vile becomes radiantly beautiful and valuable once again. 

Far too often, the church expects it’s programs to rehabilitate the lost into service, or reinstate former followers to their previous office, rather than allowing our Christ to redeem these people to his good pleasure. 

We will never be able to provide the lost and hurting people of this world the one thing that they so desperately need, value.  No matter how hard we work to rehabilitate ourselves, we will never overcome the wounds that have enslaved us…it is only through the wounds of our Saviour that we will find value, as heirs to His throne.