Month: February 2014

10 Ways You Know You Have Committed to Too Many “Opportunities.”

  Your best friend lets you know he’s angry with you for never having time for him. Your wife has asked if she can schedule some time to see you. You cancel your discipleship meeting with your mentor for the 4th consecutive week. You check to see when you have an available date to hang […]

Is Love All You Really Need?

While preparing music for a Valentine’s banquet this weekend, I came across a song that I like that poses an interesting statement.  Within the text of this song, the author makes the assertion that, “All you need is love.” But for so many, relationships after relationships have failed them, and the thought of Love having […]

Do Your Goals Make You Fail?

I learned something very important about goal setting the other day, when I had to ask myself, “What’s the point of setting goals for myself that are always too high?” I even had to ask, “Do I set goals out of reach, in an effort to solidify my lack of faith in my own ability […]

Making the Most of My Moments

All alliteration aside, I have been focusing myself on being fully invested in every moment in my day.  I have tried to do this in a couple of different ways.  First, I have attempted to plan my time on any given project, in an effort to fully invest myself, while maintaining short, attainable goals.  For […]

Day One

What do you do about today? It’s interesting that we nearly always talk about tomorrow, but rarely do we take today seriously enough to make it valuable.  If I take today seriously, what will be the outcome? More importantly, the question is not about today, it is really about Right Now.  What am I going […]