Making the Most of My Moments

Posted on: February 6, 2014, by :

All alliteration aside, I have been focusing myself on being fully invested in every moment in my day.  I have tried to do this in a couple of different ways.  First, I have attempted to plan my time on any given project, in an effort to fully invest myself, while maintaining short, attainable goals.  For instance:

Pray over Sunday Service: 15 minutes
Gather Song Possibilities: 30 minutes
Formulate Order and Keys: 25 minutes
Play Through Selections to insure fit: 20 minutes

This is only one example of time management, but it doesn’t address the underlying theme of making the most of my moments.  That being said, I have attempted to add a human component to my day, that otherwise has never been there.  I have attempted to allow the people to which I come in contact, the opportunity to speak twice as much as I speak, as well as, making sure that I take a moment or two to consider their statement before I reply.  My hope is that I will become a better listener, and engage people more effectively. 

Pray for me as I try to keep this going.  I love to plan and I love people, but doing this is exhausting.  I only hope that after a while, I will become more natural at this process.