Month: October 2013

Finding Myself Humbled

In the October 27th issue of the Levelland and Hockley County News-Press, I found a front page article and photo telling our local community about Checklist Jesus. I was slightly caught off guard by this posting, but was extremely humbled by the fact that the information was getting out into the public. I am so […]

The Message is What Matters

Sitting at Starbucks trying to figure out how to sell a book that hardly anyone knows about, I was getting pretty discouraged.  I was on the phone with a few people that I know, trying to get someone to agree to allow me to do an event at their church that would provide me the […]

Checklist Jesus Weekend

If your church, small group, youth group, or any other gathering of disciples is interested in having a Checklist Jesus week, weekend, or special service, please email me from the website. You can also post to my Facebook page (link available), or even the twitter page (link available). I would love to come see your […]