Month: March 2011

Freedom vs. Feardom

Freedom vs. Feardom is another idea that was tossed around in our office (btw it is nice to have people in the office to talk to.  The Vacant Oversight was an exacting time in my life) where we began to discuss the way that fear grips so much of what we do as Christians and […]


The provision of the Lord is one of the most overpowering and altogether inconceivable elements of our relationship with Christ.  It is the overarching theme to the way the Father dotes upon His children…it is the consist reminder of the wedding feast that is being prepared for the bride whose dress is only made white […]


How long will I struggle with the wickedness of my own heart? How many times will I lay awake at night disgusted with the cravings of my own heart? At what point will I be able to make the scripture true in my life when it says, “resist the devil and he will flee from […]

Project 7

It is amazing what can happen when people attempt to do the right thing and simply put their nose to the grindstone and do work! Project 7 is a company that works to connect products to consumers for the expressed purpose of raising money to help people in need.  Throughout their company, there is a […]