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The provision of the Lord is one of the most overpowering and altogether inconceivable elements of our relationship with Christ.  It is the overarching theme to the way the Father dotes upon His children…it is the consist reminder of the wedding feast that is being prepared for the bride whose dress is only made white by the blood of her groom.  Being reminded of such a powerful revelation of love and affection only enhances the pain that I feel toward my own heart.  Seeing such an overt display of love, mercy, grace, and passion toward me only causes me to loathe the thought of my own reflection even more than previously… And though sitting in the dark may help me to experience relief from the pain of what I see in myself, it is the light of the Lord Jesus Christ that causes each day to have relevance and purpose.  We are the unique focus of the God of the Universe and not only does he provide for us the only possibility to the propitiation of our own sin, He grants for us a life of abundance.  Provision is the perfect reminder of the fact that I am incapable of producing my own perfection.  There is nothing that I can do to earn the gift that He offers, and the infinite value of such a loving expression only makes his perfection more beautiful.