Month: January 2014

My Son May Some Day Hate Me…

The other day, I was feeding my son his 6am bottle and the thought struck me that parents do a great deal for children that the child is completely unaware of.  In fact, children often overlook parents who are doing their job well, because their needs are met.  Nevertheless, through the course of life, most […]

The Story of Redemption Always Starts with Sin…

It is a tragedy that sin is in our world, but the fact of the matter is, this world is broken by sin, and everything that we experience is corrupted by sin.  However, I believe in three words that must be near to the heart of every believer, because everyone who has professed faith in […]

My ONE Resolution

This year, I have a bunch of goals.  I have a great desire to lose weight, make more money, spend less money, watch less TV, and engage my family more fully than I ever have before.  But I only have one resolution.  I will read the Bible at least one time this year.  I have […]