My ONE Resolution

Posted on: January 2, 2014, by :

This year, I have a bunch of goals.  I have a great desire to lose weight, make more money, spend less money, watch less TV, and engage my family more fully than I ever have before.  But I only have one resolution. 

I will read the Bible at least one time this year. 

I have read the Bible before, but I have never decided to do it in one year, or to read it from cover to cover (Genesis to Revelation).  I’ve known several people who have done this, and have raved about how valuable it has been in their lives.  I have simply been convicted to make the Bible a larger element in my everyday life. 

My goal in this resolution is to gain a greater understanding of the overarching theme of Jesus within the scripture.  I want to see Jesus portrayed, and displayed within the pages of the scripture.  I want to notice his subtle and profound guidance within the lives of the Israelites, as well as, the New Church.  I want to be amazed at the thought that the hand that formed Adam was later nailed to a cross.  I want to notice how steadfast the Lord is in spite of how shallow and fickle mankind is.  I want to be struck again by the nature of the Lord God…

I ask you to pray for me. 

Pray that I will understand the severity of sin, and the joy of salvation.  Pray that I will come to understand the true nature of grace and mercy.  Pray that the Lord will dwell near me, and that he will guide me with his steadfast hand.  Pray that I will be encouraged to do the good work to which I have been called.


Psalm 51

Isaiah 53:4-6