Month: July 2011

Making Disciples

After our most recent mission trip, our youth returned to church the next Sunday and were asked many times, “How many converts did you make?”  Though the question is not a BAD one, there was a limited answer available due to the fact that our mission trip focused on social justice and support for a […]

Unworthy of the Work

Sometimes when I come to the office, or even at home, I begin to work on some blog or post of some sort, I try to work on Forethought Ministries, or plan Youth events, and my mind begins to reel over the countless things that I have done, and the consistency to which my heart […]


Just read a facebook post that indicated that we, believers, will be paying for our sins just like people who do not know Christ. While it is true that we all deserve death, the Lord desires that non should parish; that is why He sent his Son to die in our place!  Immediately I am […]