Making Disciples

Posted on: July 29, 2011, by :

After our most recent mission trip, our youth returned to church the next Sunday and were asked many times, “How many converts did you make?”  Though the question is not a BAD one, there was a limited answer available due to the fact that our mission trip focused on social justice and support for a new church.  Our ministry was more supportive instead of evangelistic. 

My students answered the question well. However, some of our church members were not pleased with this answer and came to corner me in my ‘failing’ youth ministry.  After being asked why we would go on a mission trip, spend all that money, and let me out of the office for over a week, and not fulfil the great commission, I almost believed the lie that ‘converts’ was the fulfillment of the great commission. 

But, as is usually the case, when I read the Bible, I noticed a distinct word usage that confirmed the Spirit’s leading in my heart.

My job is to make Disciples of all nations, and that includes my current church.

Make disciples, not converts…What a refreshing revelation.