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Just read a facebook post that indicated that we, believers, will be paying for our sins just like people who do not know Christ.

While it is true that we all deserve death, the Lord desires that non should parish; that is why He sent his Son to die in our place!  Immediately I am overwhelmed by the fact that Jesus paid for ALL of my sins.  Though I do not go as far as Rob Bell does, I believe that there has never been anything that I could do about the sin in my life and it took the blood of the Righteous one, to cleans me of all my sickness and pain.  Make no mistake, there is nothing that I could do to help in the process, no measure that I could span, no righteousness attained.  Instead, it was the mercy and grace of the Risen Christ that has offered me the opportunity to become an heir to the throne. 

May the ritchness and mercy of the Lord dwell among the members of your household, and may you be given eyes to see the grace and mercy offered by Jesus to all who would call on his name.