Is Love All You Really Need?

Posted on: February 14, 2014, by :

While preparing music for a Valentine’s banquet this weekend, I came across a song that I like that poses an interesting statement.  Within the text of this song, the author makes the assertion that, “All you need is love.” But for so many, relationships after relationships have failed them, and the thought of Love having some kind of saving power is simply observed.  For others, the Valentine holiday will not change the fact that in the next few days, weeks, or months, they will file for divorce, because this, like many other relationships they have started, was missing something critical for it’s survival. 

So for some, the idea of Love provokes anger, resentment, and depression.

So, we must ask the question, what is the most valuable element in a successful relationship?  I continue to think, in spite of the recent wave of divorce in the U.S. among individuals under the age of 25, that Love is the single element that can keep a marriage together. 

You might be asking, “But what do I do when the love fades?”

Start loving again!

According to 1 Corinthians 13, the definition of love differs from that of our common vernacular.  In fact, love is not defined as an emotion at all, but more of a state of being, in which, we act on behalf of the person(s) we love in a covenantal way.  That is a long way to say that, Love is not an Emotion, it’s an action. 

Love is:
-Not Envious
-Not Boastful
-Not Arrogant
-Not Rude
-Not Selfish
-Not Irritable
-Not Resentful
-Does Not Keep Record of Wrongs
-Does Not Rejoice When Others are Wronged
-Rejoices in Truth
-Bears All Things
-Believes All Things
-Hopes All Things
-Endures All Things
-Love Never Ends (Nor does it fade)

And lest we forget, these kinds of actions are covenantal, not contractual.  I don’t tell my wife, “I’ll be all these things so long as you are these things to me.” No, I say, “I will go to my grave trying to live these things for you, and only you!”

So, Yea, I think the thing that has been missing from many relationships is Love.  Not infatuation, but real love.  Nobody ever wrote the song, “All You Need is Infatuation!” If you look at this list of attributes, and notice that one is missing from your life, start living it.