No Excuses

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I was teaching this morning about Micah 6:8 and it’s stance on doing the right thing.  I had a student in my class ask, “Yea, but what if it isn’t our fault?”   A little taken aback, I asked, “How could it not be your fault? You either do what you should or you don’t.”

She began to tell me about her parents and how they were and aren’t good role models.  She began to justify her actions based on the actions of her parents.  She attempted to illustrate that the reason she fails to do what she knows to be right is that her parents don’t to them either. 

My response is simple.

Bad examples from parents and others could be a reason for your actions, but it will never be an excuse.  You may live your whole life in denial of this truth, but you will never escape it.

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