Summer Shay

Posted on: September 13, 2010, by :

I have a new niece as of today.  Her name is Summer Shay she is said to be as healthy as possible.  Even in the excitement of the day and the realization of new life,  I am burdened for this young life to come to know Christ.  I spoke about this burden to some in my church and we shared in the passion for the lost. 

Some may wonder why we should be concerned about the faith of such a newly born baby. 

The reason is that we as believers must never qualify the urgent message of the gospel.  The gospel is not confined by any of our restrictions.  Therefore, we must be ready to pursue each individual with whom we come in contact in spite of their place in this world. 

‘Lord be with this new child, and entreat her to your presence.  Place men and whom of faith in her path, that she might hear the word and believe.”