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A good friend of mine and I have were discussing the idea of vision.  When we look around us we see the world at work.  We see stuff…

But should we be seeing more? 

I think that when the scriptures say that we should, “work out your faith with fear and trembling” it is referring to, in part, the weight of the gospel message.  The message of Jesus Christ is more than just important, it is the purpose of our existence.  If we begin to understand that each encounter with another person in our lives is an opportunity to engage a dark place with the light of Christ, we will begin to understand the gravity and seriousness of the message we deliver, as well as the eternal nature of the human race.  As believers, we should never neglect the reality of eternity.

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  1. I think that we all forget why we are here. Not to make money or to have fun, but to bring people to Christ! BUt at the same time, those things are not bad….as long as we remember to do ALL things, no matter how small,with intentions of praising the Lord. I used to feel like if I bought nice things that I should have been giving that money to the church! God doesn't expect us not to "enjoy" life, but our happiness and enjoyment should come from knowing that we did everything possible in every situation we had to tell someone abou HIM! Just a thought:-)

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