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Is it our intent that others come to know the Lord?  Do we design our day to allow for, if not create, opportunities to present the gospel, that others might believe? 

Do we do more than simply avoid curse words and the smoking section?

My good friend Dusty Ledbetter and I had a conversation yesterday about many of these very questions.  In which we discussed the desire that we both had to make a difference in the lives of others.  But how?  Shouldn’t we endeavor to be the most effective witnesses that we could possibly be? Or should we content to live out our lives and let the Lord do the work?

If our intent is to bear fruit, then we must make provision to bear fruit.  Leaves, branches, trunk, and roots are all formed to bear fruit.  We make possible the bearing of fruit, by creating an atmosphere wherein we can speak the truth of the gospel, and allow the Spirit of the Almighty manifest faith for each who hear.  If a tree fails to make provision for fruit, it will never come.

Live with intent! Live with the understanding that by whatever means necessary, we must deliver the saving message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to ALL we are able.

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