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Learning is a unique experience.  It is a humbling process and an empowering finish.  It is necessary and progressive, yet we seem to avoid it as long as possible. 

I am so glad that I am here at National Youth Workers Convention, in spite of the fact that Krystle is 1000 miles away.  I am inspired because there are so many new concepts for ministry and development, rather than simply the perfection of programs from yesteryear. 

Krystle, I am so glad that you love to learn, and that you love for me to learn and grow.  I pray that you are encouraged while we are away, and that you are equipped to minister along side me.  May the Lord’s light shine down upon you, and may his presence be your companion and mine whenever we are apart.

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  1. …and if We can ever be "Jesus" to either of you, that will be our priority for those moments. Be safe, have fun, learn tons so that you come back with innovation–not the status quo–and know that miles aren't able to separate two who are united as one by and honor the wondrous God we serve!


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