Imitate Him in Every Way…

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I have a nephew named Ace who is a little over 3 years old.  His father is Steven, my younger brother and farming cotton on the south plains of west Texas is their life.  I watch the facebook status updates for photos of Ace everyday and am not surprised when the photos characterise Ace in a way that resembles his father completely.  The resemblance is far more than DNA, it is the consumption that this boy has for his father; to talk like him, to play like him, to dress like him, and finally, to be like him.  For now, Ace’s pursuit of the clone of his father will demand that he love farming, hunting, and Ranger’s baseball.  But as an imitator of him, I pray that it demands Ace to be a lover of the word.  Not because it is a popular book in this great nation of ours, but because it will illuminate his way and draw him closer to the savior, who is Jesus! 

To be an imitator of the Son for the sake of his son will require Steven to talk like Jesus, and be like Jesus.  Only then will Ace’s passion to be like his father set him on the path to meet the Father.

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  1. Last week, Ace was working the module builder with me. He had a dollar in his pocket, and kept pulling it out and looking at it. I asked him, each time, what was he going to buy with his dollar. No comment. At the end of the day, he pulled it out and I asked him if he was going to buy a coke. He said, "No, I will give it to God."

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