Teaching on Sin Tonight

Posted on: December 4, 2013, by :

Tonight I will be teaching about the destructive power of sin in the live of every person, both those who have been saved by grace and those who are yet without the salvation that is provided by the Son Jesus Christ.  I have been teaching the past 6 months or so about Love, and the way we share love with the lost by sharing the saving power of Jesus Christ, but to this point, I have not felt led to teach about what sin can do in the life of a person.  Tonight, I have been given the freedom by the Holy Spirit to teach about what sin can do to corrupt the life of the believer, and what sin has already done in the life of those who do not yet believe.  It is critical that the students here (and everywhere for that matter) begin to realize what sin has done, and will continue to do in their lives until it is plucked, cut off, or carved out of their lives. 

Sin is the thing that makes our foundation unsure, it makes our pillars falter, and our roof leak.  If we are going to build a house upon the foundation of Jesus Christ, it must be founded on his Holiness, and preserved by our devotion to the righteousness that he demands of his followers.  If we hope to weather the storms of this life, then the pillars of our faith must be the Profits and Apostles who beacon us to return to service to the Father. 

Pray for us as we attempt to engage the idea of sin, grace, mercy, love, and the consequence of our actions.  Pray that we are led by the Holy Spirit, and that our lives are changed by our confession of sin. 


*References that will be playing a role in tonight message are (Romans 6, and 1 Timothy 1:12-20)