New Year’s Resolution…

Posted on: December 30, 2013, by :

In all actuality the question isn’t, “What will you do in the new year that you have never done before?” It is, “What will you do to build upon what you have already done?”  Too often, “Resolutions” are nothing more than wishes and pipe dreams that are not based on any real foundation.  A better method of action when determining what 2014 should look like is to assume that 2014 is a building block that you will set upon the foundation of 2013 in preparation for 2015. 

Simply put, what are you doing in life, and how can 2014 be an accelerated addition to that set of goals and work? 

Steps for Accelerated Addition:

1. Ask yourself what has driven you in 2013.

2. Ask yourself if what has been driving you is of eternal value.

3. Decide if 2014 should involve this pursuit.

4. Pursue this thing to the glory of God and not yourself. 

Be willing to work harder to attain things that are more valuable than ever before.  Set manageable schedules and attainable goals for the year.  Understand that trying harder doesn’t mean you will achieve all your goals.  Remember that even if you don’t achieve the final goal, the work that is done in the process is valuable if the goal was valuable.