Student Leadership at FBC Ropes

Posted on: June 14, 2012, by :

A church member asked me the other day about the upcoming leadership of our youth group, now that our seniors had graduated.  Though the graduating seniors were visible and vocal in their love for our youth group, they are now moving on in their walk with the Lord, as well as their involvement in FBC Ropes.  However, the need for good student leadership continues to be critical for the continued growth of our Youth Group.


I could tell that the individual was hoping that I had already been cultivating the heart of some new leadership within our ranks, but the truth was that I had not yet attempted to coax a leader from the group.  So, to ease this person’s mind, I began to outline the true nature of leadership.  It is irrelevant who I hope will lead our group, it makes no difference who I call to lead our group, and it wont help if an individual attempts to lead his or her peers who has no leadership qualities; the only way leadership is effective is if people are willing to follow the one who attempts to lead.


Leaders aren’t the people who strike out toward uncharted territory; Leaders are those who are followed, no matter what they do.


I hope to find that student, and point them toward the goal to which we have all been called in Christ Jesus!


Please pray with me as we seek the face of the Almighty God, for a group of students who will be willing to champion the cause of Christ in their school, and among their peers.