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I made a little play on words today on facebook and found that the idea of Churchians had a few interested parties so I thought I would say a bit more about these Churchians.  Churchians is the segment of the contemporary church that fails to see Christ as our deity and true focus of worship.  These individuals feel as though the church with its rules, traditions, and appearance, is the main goal of the gospel message.  This is a growing problem (as evidenced by the individuals who commented and approved the facebook message) and we must begin to confront the issue head-on! Churchians hear messages after messages about the church and its issues, but nothing about Jesus’ mission for his kingdom.  They fight and feud over the practices and elements of church services but remain deliberately distant from serving the ‘least of these.’  They make a spectacle of a building and keep it tidy and neat while airing the dirty laundry of everyone who is not present each Sunday morning.  Their desire is that your yoke be heavy and your burden be wearisome. They exist as enemies of the One True God because they have made a god of this idol and stripped Him of worship.

Christ is our focus and our prize.  He is our desire and our sustenance.  When his smile is directed at us, we find ourselves in pure bliss, but when we are distant from Him, our whole bodies ache not just our heart.  We exist in Him, and for Him.  We work to serve Him, and bring Him glory. 

The Churchians are nothing more than the byproduct, (or excrement) of the body of believers.  They exist as a result of the body consuming the Word, and remaining slothfull.  When we consume the Word, just like our bodies consume food, we create energy that must be converted to work for the kingdom and for the glory of God.  When we fail to work we produce two things…fat…and poop.   Christ is our bridegroom, His kingdom is our mission,  and the Churchian’s worship is our poop.