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Tonight I will be delivering a message about the need for believers to testify about the great God we serve.  I was struck by this topic when I began to realise the serious impact that testimony can have on a group, and how one man’s testimony about the saving grace of Christ Jesus and the guiding strength of the Holy Spirit can alter the dynamics of any group.

Josh Hamilton of Texas Rangers Baseball is one shining example of what it means to Testify.  His life has been plagued by one battle with the flesh to another, and his testimony reflects the awesome power of our God throughout his redemption and rehabilitation from grief, guilt, and  crippling addiction.  Hamilton has confessed publicly in interviews, as well as www.iamsecond.com that his strength to battle these addictions has come from his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Evidence of his impact was powerful, but never quite as visible as the team celebration of the Texas Rangers after wining the American League Division Series. 

A time honored tradition is for the winning team is to spray champaign all over the team and locker room in celebration of the win; but when the team won clenched the birth to the post season, Hamilton quietly abstained from the celebration.  The celebration was missed by Hamilton, but the temptation of alcohol was not worth the few moments of jubilation with his team.  When the team defeated their first opponent in the ALDS after 5 games with the Tampa Bay Rays, the team was sure to celebrate in like fashion. 

The remarkable twist to the story is that the team celebrated with sodas and water instead of champaign in order that their teammate Josh Hamilton would be able to join in the festivities.  Hamilton had won the love of his team by sharing so openly his love for Jesus Christ and the standard to which he was called.

To testify about our God is to speak boldly the great worth of our Jesus, and to maintain our devotion to him with great passion in order to win others to His great name.  Hamilton’s devotion to his faith and constant walk with the Lord has displayed a great testimony to his team.  My prayer is that we will share in the joy of brothers and sisters being added to His kingdom through the walk of Josh Hamilton and others like him!