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This weekend I was privileged to be able to work with Climbing Blind again.  Climbing blind is a band from the Lubbock area who is quickly becoming my favorite worship team with which to work.  We were both called to work at the Disciple Now of New Home Baptist Church and we had a BLAST.  Partly this is due to the friendships that we have created over the years, and partly because of the AMAZING students that from New Home, but mostly because of the fact the the Holy Spirit made provision for us!!! He was able to encourage and minister, due to the prayers of a dedicated people there, and we as ministers were in awe of the awesome power of The Almighty! 

I taught over the idea of Identity.  Mainly that our Identity is created and perpetuated by our relationship, or lack of relationship with Jesus Christ.  Religion, peers, and the American dream all attempt to impress themselves on the identity of teens today.  For the most part, teens listen, but it is my hope that the teens that were present this weekend will be the element of change for their school and all who come in contact with them.  These students are not special, but the God who has called them is!  Be in prayer for New Home Baptist Church as well as those who now have a new identity that is based on the bloody sacrifice of our Sovereign King!