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Summer Shay

I have a new niece as of today.  Her name is Summer Shay she is said to be as healthy as possible.  Even in the excitement of the day and the realization of new life,  I am burdened for this young life to come to know Christ.  I spoke about this burden to some in […]


A good friend of mine and I have were discussing the idea of vision.  When we look around us we see the world at work.  We see stuff… But should we be seeing more?  I think that when the scriptures say that we should, “work out your faith with fear and trembling” it is referring […]

Leadership 2

Leadership requires relationship, not mere commonality.  A leader must understand that the in order to focus on the future of the group, he must be willing to create long-standing and unshakable ties within his group.  Without such ties, the group will begin to splinter and fall behind.  Without a group that is focused both inward […]


Leaders see the value of investing in the future, while others live in the glory of the moment.  Making reference to the future is a great way to ensure that people who follow you know that they are on a journey.  Also, being able to achieve short-term goals between here and there helps to keep […]

Back to School Bash

Tonight’s B2SB is gonna be great…Come one, Come ALL. Food @ 5:30 – FREE Concert @ 6:45 – FREE Climbing Blind is our band tonight and they are some amazing guys.  I heard some of their new stuff and was just amazed at the level of musical ability and scriptural maturity that I saw in […]


I made a little play on words today on facebook and found that the idea of Churchians had a few interested parties so I thought I would say a bit more about these Churchians.  Churchians is the segment of the contemporary church that fails to see Christ as our deity and true focus of worship.  […]

Salvation City Tour

The Salvation City Tour featuring A Road Less Traveled, Justin Cofield Band, and David Erik Jones will be kicking off in Seminole, TX October 13, 2010.  I am so excited for this tour and am lucky to get them here to Seminole.  It’s a free concert so come join in!!! Contact me here if you […]

Blog at VacantOversight

If you haven’t checked out my bi-weekly blog at you might check it out today.  Today I described how a Minister can get a good look at the people he or she is working with.  Ministry is about people, not programs.

No Excuses

I was teaching this morning about Micah 6:8 and it’s stance on doing the right thing.  I had a student in my class ask, “Yea, but what if it isn’t our fault?”   A little taken aback, I asked, “How could it not be your fault? You either do what you should or you don’t.” She […]


Being a husband requires humility and the ability to serve your wife with love and compassion. I awoke today with a profound sense of urgency for my Christian brothers. Serve your wives!