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Misconception 2: Dualism

Dualism is the idea that there is an equal amount of good and evil in the world, and they compete with each other for dominance in the world. Another way to look at dualism is to say that there is a balancing of good and evil in the world and as evil rises up, good […]

Misconception 1: Satan’s Power

It is important to begin by explaining my purpose and position in regards to Satan’s attack.  I hope that the reader begins to view Satan appropriately, and to wage spiritual warfare for our neighbor, rather than against Satan.  The sole purpose of this, as well as all of my other posts is to advance the […]

3 Misconceptions of Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual warfare is a reality, but the way we fight needs to be based on the reality of Jesus. Christian Author and Christian Speaker Jeremy A Walker helps us understand this concept in his latest post.

On My Last Leg

Do you ever feel like you are worn out? Do you ever feel as though you are on your last leg?      I know we all feel this way sometimes, but I really have to believe that most of the time, we can do something about it.  I think there are some lessons that can […]

3 Worst Mistakes I’ve Made as a Minister

There are a great many failures that I have made as a minister, but when I look back at my ministerial life, I am confronted with a few overarching themes that derailed the work of my church.  I look back and notice that some, if not all, of these failures corrupt the message of the […]

5 Reasons Depressed People Don’t Find Help

My wife recently asked me why I thought depression was such a struggle within our society as well as with our churches. It is true that rates of clinical depression have been on the rise in the recent past1, but why depression seems to be such an invasive problem has many people scratching their heads.  […]

When We Call Our Pastor

Christian SpeakerAs a staff member of a church that will, hopefully soon, call a lead pastor; I’d like to say this to the man God is bring to us: I believe that you have authority to lead this church, and I have a mandate to follow. So long as I see you pursuing the Lord […]

7 Things My Pastor Told Me, But I Didn’t Listen

I’ve been reading several articles this morning entitled “Things Your Pastor Wishes He Could Tell You, But…” and they all have similar things to say.  1. I need time off, but rarely get it. 2. I feel under paid/appreciated, even though you think I’m over compensated 3. I don’t really care what you think about […]

Bridle the Tongue

When James discusses the tongue in chapter 3 of his letter, he likens it to the rudder of a great ship, a spark that starts a flame, or a bit that leads a horse.   Fascinatingly enough, each of these analogies is a tool that is used to do great work.  They are each small tools, […]

Practice What You Preach

This past Monday morning, I had my final meeting with my pastor.  We sat in his office and reminisced about some of the best moments of our church’s recent history, and shared concerns about the coming days.  He talked about the opportunities that both our church, as well as, his new church had in the […]